Past congress edition – 2017

The 8th edition of Resilient Cities focused on implementing integrated, sustainable, and resilient urban development plans. Key discussion points included:

(1) how to strengthen new and existing  partnerships with relevant sectors and actors at multiple scales;

(2) how to mobilize resources to accelerate local action; and

(3) how to encourage holistic and inclusive approaches.

The program featured the first-ever Insuring Resilient and Sustainable Cities Summit as well as the third Urban Food Forum.

Resilient Cities 2017 Report & Documents


Pictures of the Conference

City leaders talk resilience

City representatives from across the globe share their thoughts on resilience building, its challenges and opportunities. The interviews mirrored what they discussed during the 2017 Resilient Cities Congress in Bonn, Germany.

Resilient Cities 2017 in Numbers

Resilient Cities 2017 brought together over 440 participants including 201 speakers from 58 countries, 61 local government, and a wide range of organizations such as financial institution, international organization, NGO, private firm, and research institution – making the Congress an outstanding platform for learning, sharing ideas, and creating solutions.

Voices from Resilient Cities 2017

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