Program highlights

featured sessions

RTI International (U.S.A.) will be hosting a Panel on Transitioning from Traditional Waste Management to a Circular Economy Approach (speakers tba)
How can we move towards a circular economy in practice? What are the steps and best practices needed? Which lessons have we learned so far from the existing implementations? These are just few of the issues that will be analyzed in the session.

(Special session) The Resilience of Digital Cities
While cities digitalization could help solving several physical and social issues, it may also reallocate problems. Some of the crucial emerging challenges for digital cities are sensitive data protection and resilience against cyber attacks. How can they be addressed?

The Center for Planning Excellence (U.S.A.) and the State of Louisiana’s Office of Community Development (U.S.A.) hosting a Panel on Louisiana Adaptation: Mitigation to Managed Retreat (speakers tba)
What does it mean to resettle entire communities that are no longer safe in their homes? A possible picture of the challenges and opportunities could be provided by this ongoing project dealing with the first American case of loss and damage, managed retreat and the awareness that catastrophic events in the future may be absorbed, but not prevented.

(Resilience Innovator Hour) Munich Re, Siemens and others

“We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them” – Albert Einstein.
Adapting to climate change requires us to apply new and more efficient solutions to foreseeable problems. This is where innovators can play a crucial role: from expanding insurance schemes to combine technology and resilience management together, our Innovators will present their latest proposals during the Resilience Innovator Hour.

Innovators will further showcase their work in our exhibition area.