Proceedings and Background Papers

Online Congress Proceedings 2018

These Online Congress Proceedings of Resilient Cities 2018 consist of academic papers written by expert speakers at the congress. Their contributions to the congress were chosen during a thorough selection process from experts and practitioners worldwide. The authors are renowned experts in their respective fields.

Background Papers 2018

In the following we provide some relevant and interesting background material and publications which present some useful input for discussions. The papers frame the focus of this year’s content of tracking progress and impacts of resilience action.

Adaptation metrics: Perspectives on measuring, aggregating and comparing adaptation results

Climate adaptation initiatives are more important than ever, and globally more and more funds are invested in climate resilience. But how do we measure success?

Released by: UNEP DTU Partnership, Copenhagen (March 2018)

Satellite earth observations in support of the SDGs

Earth observations (from satellite, airborne and in-situ sensors) provide accurate and reliable information on the state of the atmosphere, oceans, coasts, rivers, soil, crops, forests, ecosystems, natural resources, ice, snow and built infrastructure, as well as their change over time. Geospatial information and EO, together with modern data processing and big data analytics, offer unprecedented opportunities to modernize national statistical systems and consequently to make a quantum leap in the capacities of countries and cities to efficiently track all facets of sustainable development.

Released by: Committee on Earth Observation Satellites and European Space Agency (March 2018)

Private-sector action in adaptation: Perspectives on the role of micro, small and medium size enterprises

Smaller business are the backbone of the economy in developing countries, but they are also hit the hardest by climate change. A new publication looks at how they can adapt and create climate resilience.

Released by: UNEP DTU Partnership, Copenhagen (April 2018)

This year’s Resilient Cities Congress had a variety of interesting Program Highlights and Featured Sessions.

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