Michael Glotz-Richter

Dakota Fisher

Dakota is the Resilience Program Analyst for the State of Louisiana’s Office of Community Development – Disaster Recovery Unit (OCD-DRU). During his tenure at OCD-DRU,...
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Jisun Hwang

Jisun supports coordination of ICLEI’s global policy and advocacy on climate change.  Jisun is actively following and coordinating ICLEI’s engagement in the framework of the...
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Peter Head

Peter Head is a champion of sustainable development. He established the Ecological Sequestration Trust in 2011. He advocates that changing the way we invest public...
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Jonathan Hughes

Jonathan Hughes is the CEO of the Scottish Wildlife Trust, Scotland’s leading environmental charity. Before being appointed Chief Executive, Jonathan was the Trust’s Director of...
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Maarten Hajer

Maarten Hajer is distinguished professor ‘Urban Futures’ at the Faculty of Geosciences of Utrecht University and director of the Urban Futures Studio. He is also...
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Matt Elis

Matt Ellis holds a degree in Town and Country Planning, with a specific focus on environmental capacity to support sustainable growth, flood and climate resilience....
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Efrén Feliu

Efrén Feliu holds a Building Engineering Degree and different postgraduates (spatial planning, intercultural studies, social psychology and NGO Management). His interests are in the fields...
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